Monday, January 19, 2009

Transcend: Behind the Scene

Posting images and thoughts from last weekend's filming of the documentary,
Transcend: The Face of Contemporary African-American Art in Oklahoma.

Saturday, January, 17, 2009


Staging the set in the studio of Nathan Lee.

Brenna King (left) prepares for her recorded interview with the artist, as lights are strategically arranged.

Ms. King is a multi-racial woman of Caribbean descent. She's a mother, a Marine Corp veteran, an accomplished photographer, singer-songwriter, AfroFemi-Ninja and hopeful romantic. As personal friends, the two were able to discuss living and making art in Oklahoma, Black folk issues, White patronage and openly address Lee's interracial relationship with an older Hungarian woman. Finally, the two discuss his ever present challenge of living a productive life as artist/activist with narcolepsy, or Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS), a neurological condition that causes Lee to fall asleep at any moment.

Director j.leigh brantly of Vox Populi Productions has worked in film in both Hollywood and New York. This year she will complete a film project based in Africa. With the Transcend project, her process is to establish a solid frame of focus, but allow the collaborative energy of the assembled artists to channel the film's production organically. Of course they in turn respect her authority as the last voice in any creative decision and final vision.

The art of Nathan Lee. The human form. meditative. voluptuous, zaftig. Mayan?, Africa?
The Feminine Id and universal emotion. The work of a man's hand and vision.

Loading the camera is Melissa Sue Lopez, writer producer of several film projects including "Masquerade" and "Emociones". Shooting begins shortly on her latest feature Shuttermind". She brings serious film skills, pure positive energy, enthusiasm, and love to the Transcend project.

Artist/Curator Nathan Lee and Transcend director j. leigh Brantly

The Magic that is Tatayana, age 5, daughter of Brenna King. Loves smoothies, Yoga, saris, and all things India.

Skipfolio: too little sleep, head cold, draining sinuses, sneezing and watery eyes. A large cup of coffee.
I'm in bliss.

In the green room, trying to keep her quiet enough to not interfere with the taping beyond the curtains. Foto by Nathan Lee
Transcend: The Face of Contemporary African-American Art in Oklahoma
Curated by Nathan Lee

February 6 through 19, 2009 at Living Arts in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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