Thursday, January 1, 2009

Press the ReSet Button

Virgina Tech and Cincinnati battling it out at the FedEx Orange Bowl. Craig is 3 for 3 and needs Tech to win, to end the day on the upside.
"Thanks for coming and spending a couple of days down here with me, Skip"

"Thanks for having me", I replied.

His wife and kids in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl, He had invited me to Chandler to finish our business at the bank, to clean out the basement of the Law Center, to have some black-eyed peas, steaks, beer and indulge ourself, like gluttons, in college football. I have been de-stressing and processing the past year and all that has been achieved, believed and known. The dreams comes to pass by stupid faith and bustin' my behind. Coming against the obstacles we prop up in our minds. Seeing, with growing clarity, in the here and now.

"Life is Good, Skip...Lissen, I have always told you, the only thing standing in the way of you.. is you! Shit, you jus' gotta do it. "

1:38 left in the third quarter: V-Tech 13 Bearcats 7

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