Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day...It's about time

Haven't got too caught up in the daily twists and turns leading up to this day.

I have said repeatedly that Barack Obama isn't president of the United States until he takes the oath and speaks the words confirming it to be.

Since Obama's clinching of the election, I've been on an extended media diet, except for brief forays to I've been reading and writing instead, organizing projects, trying to get back in the studio and making the conscious effort to take a break from the brilliant satire of The Daily Show with John Steward as well as the info-carpet bombing bullshit that passes for fair and balanced (sorry, no links) journalism at this precarious moment so early into the 21st century. Still, at heightened moments, I'm rushed by the electric magnitude of what has shifted in this country with Obama's dramatic, historic, election. At other times, I realize that one mulatto's ascendancy to the Oval Office ain't gonna change the statistics that plague the Black community, neither tomorrow, or the day after. I have felt the post-election hangover and awoke wondering if I haven't been a bit player in some Ocean's Eleven orchestrated political opera that has enraptured us, jacked us, and played us for the opportunity to maintain the game just as it has always been played. But beyond any personal doubts that might arise and linger, I just as quickly repent and recognize the terrific opportunity, the incredible reality of this American moment, this global moment.

So, no...I haven't been following the transition as acutely as I expect to follow the Administration after today. I have to say, I do shake my head at all of the Clinton appointees stocking the new administration of Change and Hope, but like most Americans, I'm giving President Obama time, patience, my trust and my prayers, if they'll make any positive difference.

The week before Christmas I spent a bone-chilling week visiting Chicago and Hyde Park when Obama was in town. Snow was on the ground, windchill well below zero. Sky crisp and clear.
As I crossed the boulevard at South Drexel and East 51st, the Chicago P.D. were posted up at the northwest corner of the wide perimeter secured around the Obama neighborhood. I felt the energy, pride and inspiration of a city for its' adopted son and senator, above and beyond the Blago distraction.

In a few minutes the day has arrived, when he will speak those words and make his promise to a purpose that calls for the greatness, not just of a man, but of a people..and I pray the sun to maketh shine on thee and us, as we embrace the new day by faith, hope, and with a sober awareness of the destructive costs of the last eight years of the imperial presidency.
And I wonder... are we willing to wrap ourselves around the challenges and costs for today and tomorrow? Can we truly make a change? Yes,......... if we are so inspired.
Congratulations with Best Regards,
and Blessings, President Barack Hussein Obama

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