Thursday, January 22, 2009

611 Creative & Uptown United LIVE ART REMIX

A full house
of artlovers,
tattooed geeks
and beautiful freaks
at 611 Creative
for an exhibiton
of paintings,
and drawings
by Ruth Borum,
Fernando Cassilas
and David Bruehl

The crowd.
talking with photographer Terry LaFrance about his upcoming show. He is also developing a series of images shot while serving in Iraq.

Shout out to DeShan
living and creatin art
down under in Australia.

Artist Fernado Casillas
with Jeri Wensel and
Tony Lacy who aquired
an original watercolor
for his collection.

A Tattoo artist by day,
Fernando with "Flying Tiger"

Ruth Ann Borum's painting is sick..and I mean that as a fan of this talented young artist

Her paintings calls to mind some
darkly lyrical alterpieces
found in the temple
of some obscure Scandinavian tribe
with Pre-Columbian roots.
These new work reach
another level in skill, quality,
scale and price.
"I just draw a line
down the middle
of the canvas and
star drawing and painting
whatever comes out."

"This is one
of the best nights
they have
ever had here."

Up Broadway @Uptown United

Thursday night in The 405 7ish p.m.

In coordination with the screening of the film Beautiful Losers at OCMOA, the crew at Uptown United invited me to collaborate with emerging artist Sean Valli to produce an Art Action mural during the after-party in their space. As we create, paint, draw, pour, drip, collage and develop the project in real time, our process will be videotaped, and the footage will be filtered, manipulated and projected on a large screen to the beats of DJ Ben of the group Esthing. Sean and I agreed to meet tonight and lay down a base coat and some foundations of color on the walls we'll be working on Friday night starting about 10. You always hear people say "there ain't shit to do in OKC, no culture, nothing jumping off round here!..." Well, I called "bullshit" on that and decided to jump in with a group of young, educated, creative, well traveled, tech-saavy indidviduals who have returned to OKC with the benefit of their skills, experiences and outlook,to bring a whole new, positive energy to NorthernDowntown (NoDo)and the developing MidTown district.

Ben is mixing it up on the Korg ES-X, dipping into Prefuse 73 from itunes
"my goal over
the next couple
of years is to have
12,000 MP3 mixes
on the internet.
That should get
me the world record."

"I'm so digging this, man.
The music,
the space,
the energy,
I'm gettin' to paint!

Sean Valli creates a scrim of texture and color, keeping the process wet!

Skip Hill connecting
with artist Jose
aka "Perilous Joe"
with the money quote..
"Man, I checked
out your work,
stepped in here
and thought,
'I've always
known this brother.

Live Art Remix @ Uptown United
24 W. Park Place
Up the alley from Iquana Mexican Grill
Friday night after the screening of the film Beautiful Losers at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

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