Friday, December 26, 2008

baby, you betta' git ta steppin

Early in the a.m.,
I'm in that post Christmas funky postpartum limbo,
but I got a little poem for ya'...

something written on the back of a postcard, a love note, that arrived in the mail from the Netherlands. She sent these words to me at a crucial moment of choice in my life, as I stood at the crossroads many years ago.
It's a love poem come back to me today, in these crisp, gray days
of winter...of darkness...of anxiousness...of anticipation,
of Hope for change, and the new year's redemption.

It goes a little sumthin' like this...


Hij bestond slechts met z'n hoofd.
Beleefde dingen erover te denken,
erover te lezen.
Niet het doen, maar het denken over het doen
deed hem de dingen to beleven.

Totdat hij, op een dag,
zijn gedachten wereld doorbrak en er vandoor ging...

op zoek.

He existed only in his head.
Lived life thinking about things,
reading about things.
Not doing things, but thinking about doing things
is where he lived.

Until one day
he broke through his world of thinking, and went...

in search.

Baby, you betta' git ta' steppin'...

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