Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is the day dat the Lawd Has made


are you up?

as morning breaks and the young monks wrapped in saffron robes come quietly through the lush, wet bushes down the moist dirt path, carrying bowls of alms and fruit, flower garlands and rice cakes; nodding and bowing in gratitude. What are you doin for breakfast?

good morning...

I'm up. She's out. Kids will sleep for hours yet. ..."but It's Sunday morning. This is the day that the Lord hath made.. get yo' ass up and make some time for meditation and prayer..." I heard someone say in Jesus' name.

"Get yo' relationship right with Christ, and you could have more money than you can throw away.." Granny said to me Christmas night. I bent on one knee next to her, close to her seat at the breakfast table. I wrapped my arm around her and held her to me. Then she pulled away to say what she had to say. She gently collected and organized what food crumbs she found and shaped little mounds of them across the glass as she spoke with great love and grave concern...The air of quiet about us like the eye of an Oklahoma tornado, in mix of everyone having a real good time, shouting eating, drinking and laughing over each other.
All i could hear at that moment were her words.
"Ain't nobody told me nuthin' and I ain't heard nuthin', but I feel that somethin's wrong between you and God, Skipper.."
I was telling her about my recent trip to Chicago to visit some galleries and have my interview at the School of The Art Institute. "Did I tell you, Granny, that I happened to meet Rev. Jesse Jackson? yeah, my podna and fellow artist, Arthur Wright gave me a tour of The Little Black Pearl, a cool community arts academy...

"Until you get your relationship with Christ right, Skip you will not get all he's got for you in those powerful little hands of yours! God gave it to you and you got to give it all to Him! You can only do it through Him! God is pushing you forward and you letting the The Devil push you back, God pushes you forward, The Devil pushes you back!"

Okay, so now I'm listening to her and staring into her one good eye, as he chastises and encourages me... I mean you know I ain't gonna say nuthin back to her, I ain't crazy!... brutha's gotta give E. L. Madison her respect. But wasn't I just testifying to how I had heard and trusted the voice of a Holy Ghost telling me to leave the Oklahoma wilderness and drive to Obamaland, "I have a place prepared for you."...and seek my destiny by faith and action?
"Did you hear me, Granny?"

I struggle not to take offense, but I admit I was stunned. I stare at her clean, brown skin and the tug of time on her face, her small mottled fingers, bent, shiny, like varnished and polished oak.
I love on her, caress her with my eyes and I hold my tongue to consider her words.
They are on my mind and in my meditation this morning.
I'll get back with you on that.

This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.
I'm going to write, get in the studio, work and worship in the spirit of creativity. I'm gonna play some guitar and get caught up with what's going on in the National Football League and specifically the NFC playoff scenario. I'll prepare some good food for the family, dream visions, make plans and delight in His ways all the days of my Life.

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