Monday, November 24, 2008

SkipFolio is a site about Art and the Sublime,

"Your cup of coffee and chai,

with a creamy dose of

The Political and The Poetic."

Skipfolio is a visual intellectual cafe where I let you into my studio to share my art, my creative process and my influences.
From an artist's perspective, I blog about Media, Religion, Race, Fashion, Design, Business, Travel, Community Activism, Music, and The National Football League.

The first thing Thais traditionally ask a guest in their home is, "Are you hungry?" If you like Thai Food, Dim Sum buffets, Pho Boa, and all things Cuisine, Let's talk Food and Wine. Make your own postings of your favorite recommendations, cooking tips and restaurant reviews. I'll post photos and video from cultural and political events and excerpts from my latest art book Wrestling With Angels

I'm opinionated, with a center left lean on most issues and a old skool conservative stance on others, so I'll be keeping folks in check on these pages. I hope you will too. We gotta keep an eye on President Obama, this country and each other; as we labor together to heal a Nation in these perilous times. So, let me ask you, "Do you got somebody's back?

I believe in promise, affirmation and confirmation of who you are and what you are. I invite you for a walk with me along the artist's way.

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