Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Skipfolio: Coffee With Beatrix

Koffie Met Beatrix 4’w x 4’h x 1” acrylic and collage on canvas

Meanwhile… back in the Studio, Skip Hill is creating bold still-life paintings with a funky fresh appeal.

"Koffie Met Beatrix" is from an evolving series of large, colorful works that play with abstracted space, place and mood. "These paintings reflect my love of languages, music, travel, as well as rich coffee, exotic tea and the fruit of the vine."

As a general rule, the Dutch keep their curtains open. As a culture perhaps the Dutch feel they have nothing to hide, and therefore do not feel the need to close the drapes in their homes. “Koffee Met Beatrix” is an intimate look through such a window into a gabled canal house in Amsterdam. The room is a harmony of abstracted space, contrasting patterns and clashing colors reflecting the schizophrenic elegance of the city itself.
Skip Hill’s recurring motif of the Asian porcelain vase is the central figure here..."a visual metaphor for Woman with full hips and a Japanese tattoo". The Dutch love fresh flowers,"bloemen" which in this painting explode with color and energy. Coffee time with cookies or light cakes is a delightful Dutch custom and “De koffie is klaar!” means the coffee is ready. A guest arrives on her omafiets (translated as “grandma’s bike” ) the classic Dutch mode of transportation in a city which has as many bicycles as people. One of Chopin’s Preludes is at play on the stylized baby grand beneath a painting of Beatrix, Queen of The Netherlands.

Skip Hill brings these elements together with a loose, cartoon inspired style, with humor and with love for one of his favorite places.

"Koffie Met Beatrix" is available for purchase or lease.

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