Friday, February 12, 2010

Skip Hill: New Work Atlanta, 2010

Skip Hill        Lekker LaLa (Kumquat)  
2010, acrylic/epoxy on canvas, 20"h x 20"w

A fingerprint has intensifed the debate about the origin of a mysterious drawing sold at auction for $21,850. Is it a bargain Leonardo da Vinci picked up under the noses of connoisseurs or is it just an old German drawing? That is the $150 million question that art scholars in Europe and the U.S. are asking about La Bella Principessa.
.....The subject is believed to be Bianca Sforza, the illegitimate daughter of Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan.

  Atlanta, GA.
Lekker LaLa (Kumquat) isn't a Leonardo but rather the first painting I have produced this year.  I have been on the road away from the studio the last five weeks and had been in a creative funk for some time even before my trip began. 
      Lekker LaLa is the effort that has brought me out of the desert and will be a special painting in my body of work.
      Collectors and observers of my work always remark about the rich colors, but the challenge of this new painting has been keeping the colors muted and accentuating the contrast of ebony and the white of these long Winter days.


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davidanthonyart said...
I was drawn to exactly what you were trying to accomplish. I love the contrast. This is a beautiful piece brother!!!