Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vladimir Jones (Le Boxer) Series 2009

Vladimir Jones             Le Boxer Series 2009

Skipfolio: New drawings: just a glimpse of what I'm workin' with since I moved into the studio fulltime to work. I leave behind the four large drawings(4'w x 5'h) Las Meninas 2009 at the house... beautiful, exotic, moody female figures posed like stylish, well kept, Storyville whores or Deltas having tea in the dappled light coming through the glass of our florida room. The last week has infused these latest drawings of Super-hyped Superheroes with a Funky, Fierce, SweetbackBadass raw display of the hurt I felt leaving the house yet again. Putting my hands up, bobbing and weaving, punching, jabbing, throwing some shit off...Life as Art...this is what i got for the week.

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Abbigail Marie said...

Hodari. It's Abbigail Marie. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think this is. Totally love it and I showed it my host family. :) Peace it!