Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Hey, Dad,

I recognize that whatever you want, you already have,... or can get it! (Hallelujah!..)

So I offer this pearl of great price,
knowing and believing that you are well on this blessed day.

On this day, I recognise you, and acknowledge you, and thank you
for who you are and all you represent.

I recognize you for your unique ways and manner, for the things you stand for...and what you won't tolerate.

I recognize you for what you have done for the life and love of your wife and your generation.

I recognize you, Dad, for the example of responsibility and a warm humor.

I recognize you as a testimony to the graceful power of the right tone and proper attitude.

I recognize you for your walk, and your willingness to be contrary even if you got to stand alone.

I recognize you for doing what you got to do, when you got to do it.

I recognize you most especially this day as the one who paved away
for me to reach this day, just in time to say...

I love you...

...So how much sleep do you think Barnes and Glover are gonna get thinking about tomorrow?
and what about El shots behind with 11 to play at a soaked Bethpage Black, he has never won a tournament trailing by more than eight going into the final is Tiger still in the hunt?

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