Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Yoni Series

"Say, man!...

You ain't been posting much lately, Baby...wassup wit that?"

"Yeah.. I miss you too,... and as much as I love blogging, I don't want to be chained to the blog...,..I'm gonna work it the way it works...but I'm an artist first..

... working and pressing to get my shit together right about NOW!.... and that takes work and time. I been settling old issues with my father's house in Alabama and spent four days there since I stopped by this spot. Spiritually draining.

I been busy kicking this nicotine demon's ass..I've been busy about the things I see before me in my mind's eye..'years on the cusp of greatness', the power of less is more..."

"Ok, babe, that's all cool, ...I feel that, dig that, luv that...

But what I really wanna know is...are you making any Art?

"...Didn't I say I've been busy?"

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